Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Crap Chairs -- Black Hole

This is where you end up, when you begin to collect crap chairs:If this chair were a sickness, it would be psoriasis.

If this chair were architecture, it would be Communist Block High Rise.

If this chair were food, it would be Vegemite.

It now resides in our living room and has already garnished two (2) apparently sincere compliments. If only I could tap into that mindset, the one which appreciates this type of furniture: the 60's wayside motel kind. People might just have been kind so they didn't have to say their real feelings, however.

1 comment:

Sue said...

Wow, I just found you, and haven't stopped grinning yet! And I love vegemite! That chair is pretty bad, but the shape is so interesting. I wonder if you could do something about the fabric- I want to spray paint it! Or big floral applique! (I just followed your comment here, from Like Mother Like Daughter, so might be feeling a bit giddy with redecorating possibilities.) Now I'm off to grin at my moderate mess and have that big cup of tea. Thanks!