Thursday, May 13, 2010

GNoM Housekeeping -- helpful illustrations

Sometimes a woman gets down about her housekeeping. She looks around at the rooms she's tried so hard to keep organized, and sighs. "I just cleaned it, and it's all messy again!" she wails. Well, ladies, as a public service, I offer you Guilt No More Housekeeping over here at Castle Bessy.

Here is what my daughters' bedroom looks like.
Don't you feel better? Is there any room in your house that looks even half as atrocious as this? Come on. You know this photo makes you feel better.

Superguy, in a yet further attempt to help the girls organize their heaps, put up useful shelves. The girls crammed everything on there. And still it looks like it does. (By the way, I was the one who stacked the books upright like that. Had I not done so, those books would be under the laundry on the floor.)
Yes, this is our 18-month-old Honeybee. She's brushing her teeth. In bed. Note that this is actually a bunk bed, with two singles shoved in sideways on the bottom. This is how we fit four girls in a 10 x 12 room.
Lest you think that the girls are at all unusual in the family, here's Truckster's dresser.

We're here for you. We want you to know, here at Guilt No More Housekeeping, that whatever you're doing, it's way better than what we're doing.

Now go look at your reasonably clean bedrooms and pour yourself a cup of hot tea. Messy Bessy has to go sleep for about 35 hours to get over the shame of all this chaos.


Joe said...

Actually, i am impressed by your level of organization, considering there are four girls in one small bedroom! It is also refreshing to see that none of them are worrying too much about appearances. How hard would it be if one were constantly worrying that the bookshelf wasnt organized alphabetically and that the hand sanitizer wasnt in near reach?
In our tiny family with equally tiny home, we are constantly rewarded by taking on the GnoM attitude, especially when friends with other toddlers come over. Your kid dumped a huge cup of juice on our floor and coffee table? No worries - it was already sticky! Makes for very stress-free entertaining.

--- gabby

Leila said...

Ha ha!! You have a good sense of humor!!

Here is my advice: next time you have a chance to get sheets, get plain ones.

You could be feeling a lot better about the same amount of mess...plain sheets make things look significantly less cluttered. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sibyl, You are tooo funny. What a creative blog entry, I got a good laugh out of this.
Alexa Kuwata

Michelle G said...

did you actually go in my house and take pictures????creepy!!
my kids rooms look exactly like this! :)
I look forward to reading your blog thanks for your humor!!