Friday, April 9, 2010

Feeling down -- let's have photos!

Isn't this a lovely photo? This is a quite common sight in the house. People eating and reading all at once. We have such nice light in the morning.This was one of the Bataan Death March of photos on Easter morning. Truckster just could not resist the temptation to make faces, and Fifi has her maternal grandmother's trick of always having her eyes closed (or almost closed) for any photo. Here is a pretty good one. Check out Buster's tie -- it's not a clip-on!
Easter eggs drying.
The choristers getting ready to go praise God with their voices. And boy, was Our Lady of Many Large Families packed! It looked like a Chevy Express convention in the parking lot. (As a side note, from where I was standing, this appeared to be the Easter of Women in Tight White Dress Slacks. There were three just in my view. Why was I not alerted? I just wore a beige sweater skirt. Hopelessly unfashionable. Of course, Tight White Dress Slacks would look ridiculous on my pregnancy-mashed figure. But it would have been nice to have gotten the memo!)

Happy Easter to the Family of Origin Diaspora!


Mom said...

I love these photos!


amm said...

Look how big all of your children are getting! And you read my mind, as I was honestly thinking just yesterday that I wish I could see new pictures of your lovely family, especially see how big your littlest BeBe is getting! So thanks! I wish we could have been there for Easter with all of youl!